2012 Chevy Impala V6 FlexFuel

My review of the 2012 Chevy Impala V6 FlexFuel:

I rented one of these for a trip to The Woodlands Texas. I picked the vehicle up from Budget Car Rental with only 5 miles. By the time I had returned the car it was at 3640 miles. The vehicle seemed to be built well. The interior was not the most fancy but it seemed durable and easy to clean. The car had good acceleration and handling for its size. The Air Conditioning had a “instant effect” so it worked very well also. The XM Radio was different for me but nice for a change, still found myself using my phone for music most the time tho the car stereo did sound like good quality. The only downfall to the vehicle was the poor gas mileage. We seemed to only get 22MPG on the highway. There were 4 passengers in the vehicle and a fully loaded trunk but we did expect better MPG. Maybe we were on the gas a bit too much? It was a great trip haha! 😉