DataGuys! – Simple High Quality Hosting!

In my life I have used many hosting companies, had many websites and internet projects. In reality I always needed the same thing…Fast connectivity, redundancy, and a lot of storage space, and affordable dedicated IP’s. More importantly a responsive support team. When was created I had all this in mind. We have a 5 star dark fiber network which is virtually bullet proof backed by the best hardware money can buy. We have a friendly live 24/7/365 support team. Host any project, be online within minutes, fast and easy. We also allow IRC related software and IRCd hosting is allowed we just do not promote it within our own services. DataGuys is a hosting company designed by a user, for other users. If you need a website or have a hosting project that needs a home contact our live support team for help 480-624-2500 or you can contact me directly.