How do I start my 90 Day Challenge?

ITS EASY! To start your 90 Day Challenge you simply visit and select the Challenge Kit thats right for you!

What are my choices?

– Balance Kit: Your key to nutritional balance
– Shape Kit: Kick-start your road to weight-loss and lean muscle
– Core Kit: Support your active lifestyle
– Transformation Kit: Transform your body for maximum weight-loss results
– Fit Kit: Take your fitness performance to the next level

Each of these kits are explained on They are made to produce the results you want! I can also provide information about Promoting the Challenge. If you need any information or have questions please contact me any time.



ViSalus Sciences – Real Legit or Fake Scam?

I have been serious in this business for around 3 months. For the people who ask “Is it a scam?” this is what I have to say… Visalus is producing even MORE results! I have participated in events, met real people, seen real pictures and heard real stories. I have also collected real money, used real products, and felt real results. This has changed the lives of many people and the product is proven to “produce better results”. I have now enrolled 6 people in this business and have a total of 190 on my team! If I can do this, you can do this! Click here to Join the 90 Day Challenge or Become a Promoter!

Lets do it! Contact me if you have questions or need help! 520-309-5786


ViSalus Sciences

Visalus March To A Billion

Visalus is making it happen! I absolutely love this company and its the easiest money making investment of my life! Do you know of any other company that has created 700 SIX FIGURE income earners in 36 months? Not Apple, not Google, not Facebook or even Twitter…..Visalus. Become a promoter or try the 90 day Challenge. Lead yourself to a better life. The shakes and cookies are awesome. The company handles all the orders, shipping and handling of products, they provide you with a website to make business easy to sell and promote. They provide you with a prosperity card where you collect weekly pay for comissions and monthly residual income from people you have recruited. In 1 word – AMAZING. If you have questions or want more information please contact me! I would love to help you be successful in this business.

Eric @ 520-309-5786