How do I start my 90 Day Challenge?

ITS EASY! To start your 90 Day Challenge you simply visit and select the Challenge Kit thats right for you!

What are my choices?

– Balance Kit: Your key to nutritional balance
– Shape Kit: Kick-start your road to weight-loss and lean muscle
– Core Kit: Support your active lifestyle
– Transformation Kit: Transform your body for maximum weight-loss results
– Fit Kit: Take your fitness performance to the next level

Each of these kits are explained on They are made to produce the results you want! I can also provide information about Promoting the Challenge. If you need any information or have questions please contact me any time.



Nick Sarnicola coming to Scottsdale AZ!

BOOM!!!! Challenge Party with Nick Sarnicola co-founder of the company and also Christina Perry 5 Star Ambassador!!! Both are coming out to Scottsdale AZ on November 20th 2012 at 7PM. If you or anyone you know is interested in losing weight, gaining muscle, living a healthier lifestyle, or making money from home, then you should definitely come and see what all the excitement is about. These events are truly amazing. If you need or want change in your life, this is it.

Call or text me!



Vi continues to grow! This is 200+ people at a Challenge Party at Viscount Suites Tucson AZ with Cedrick Harris, Dena Brock, Shanna Brock, and Sha Brock. Hearing Cedrick speak was both motivational and inspirational. He opened my eyes to new ways of business and thought. I am always open to hear others ideas and listen to what works for others currently and its also nice to hear the success stories of others so you can take what advice you need as stepping stones in your own business. He also offered a few tips and tricks to help generate new leads and attract new business associates. Overall it was a great event and the “elaborated getting started training” I found to be very helpful. This is proof that this company is truly taking over!



Remember your WHY!

Its important to remember your WHY! If you remind yourself daily, sometimes several times a day why you are working so hard, why you have to go the extra mile, why you have to produce better results, it helps empower and motivate you through the day. Success only comes before work in the dictionary. If its your kids, desire to live a better life, your wish to have more success and happiness… Remembering your WHY will give you strength when you feel like giving in. Its important to REMEMBER YOUR WHY!


Web Browser Proxy (how to hide yourself)

h4ck0r  is a PHP web based web browser proxy was created a while back from some rough souce. If you need to hide your browsing history or dont want anyone to see what you have been looking at then use this site This web browser proxy enables you to browse through an encrypted connection hiding your real IP address, as well as your connection. By using this proxy you can start browsing anonymously at home, in the office, or even at school!


DataGuys! – Simple High Quality Hosting!

In my life I have used many hosting companies, had many websites and internet projects. In reality I always needed the same thing…Fast connectivity, redundancy, and a lot of storage space, and affordable dedicated IP’s. More importantly a responsive support team. When was created I had all this in mind. We have a 5 star dark fiber network which is virtually bullet proof backed by the best hardware money can buy. We have a friendly live 24/7/365 support team. Host any project, be online within minutes, fast and easy. We also allow IRC related software and IRCd hosting is allowed we just do not promote it within our own services. DataGuys is a hosting company designed by a user, for other users. If you need a website or have a hosting project that needs a home contact our live support team for help 480-624-2500 or you can contact me directly.


ViSalus Sciences – Real Legit or Fake Scam?

I have been serious in this business for around 3 months. For the people who ask “Is it a scam?” this is what I have to say… Visalus is producing even MORE results! I have participated in events, met real people, seen real pictures and heard real stories. I have also collected real money, used real products, and felt real results. This has changed the lives of many people and the product is proven to “produce better results”. I have now enrolled 6 people in this business and have a total of 190 on my team! If I can do this, you can do this! Click here to Join the 90 Day Challenge or Become a Promoter!

Lets do it! Contact me if you have questions or need help! 520-309-5786


2012 Chevy Impala V6 FlexFuel

My review of the 2012 Chevy Impala V6 FlexFuel:

I rented one of these for a trip to The Woodlands Texas. I picked the vehicle up from Budget Car Rental with only 5 miles. By the time I had returned the car it was at 3640 miles. The vehicle seemed to be built well. The interior was not the most fancy but it seemed durable and easy to clean. The car had good acceleration and handling for its size. The Air Conditioning had a “instant effect” so it worked very well also. The XM Radio was different for me but nice for a change, still found myself using my phone for music most the time tho the car stereo did sound like good quality. The only downfall to the vehicle was the poor gas mileage. We seemed to only get 22MPG on the highway. There were 4 passengers in the vehicle and a fully loaded trunk but we did expect better MPG. Maybe we were on the gas a bit too much? It was a great trip haha! 😉


1981 Camaro (Second Generation Z28 Clone)

I recently acquired this car for a STEAL! I am very happy to own a classic that will be a needle in the haystack in another 10 years. Plus its always fun working on a project car as easy as these. I have always referred to them as “Big Boys Lego Pieces”  Most of the car has been rebuilt short of new interior. I have started some restoration and performed fluid flushes. The car is on its way to greatness.

From the factory this was a base 1981 Camaro with T-Tops, originally came with a 4 speed v6 which has been modified as a Second Generation Z28 Camaro Clone.

It has a Chevy 350 v8, Holley 600cfm carburetor, Edelbrock Performer EPS Aluminum Intake Manifold, long tube ceramic headers and flowmaster exhaust, TH350 Automatic Transmission, B&M Slap Shifter, BFG Radial T/A Tires, 205/70/R14 front, 255/65/R15 rear, the vehicle has been lowered. I will update this post more with information as I find other upgrades on the vehicle. (MORE EDITS SOON)