1981 Camaro (Second Generation Z28 Clone)

I recently acquired this car for a STEAL! I am very happy to own a classic that will be a needle in the haystack in another 10 years. Plus its always fun working on a project car as easy as these. I have always referred to them as “Big Boys Lego Pieces”  Most of the car has been rebuilt short of new interior. I have started some restoration and performed fluid flushes. The car is on its way to greatness.

From the factory this was a base 1981 Camaro with T-Tops, originally came with a 4 speed v6 which has been modified as a Second Generation Z28 Camaro Clone.

It has a Chevy 350 v8, Holley 600cfm carburetor, Edelbrock Performer EPS Aluminum Intake Manifold, long tube ceramic headers and flowmaster exhaust, TH350 Automatic Transmission, B&M Slap Shifter, BFG Radial T/A Tires, 205/70/R14 front, 255/65/R15 rear, the vehicle has been lowered. I will update this post more with information as I find other upgrades on the vehicle. (MORE EDITS SOON)


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